• People Annoy Me.

    People annoy me.

    I'd rather spend time
    by myself.... more »

  • Poetry's A Strange Thing.

    Poetry's a strange thing.

    Drunk in the morning and it almost makes sense.
    Cut in the afternoon and you can just about see it.... more »

  • Rubbish.

    So I'm trying to think
    of something to write.

    Something profound.... more »

  • Senecot.

    When it dosen't flow,
    When the Dam's backed up,
    When the mind reels from constapation,... more »

  • Stupidity Is No Excuse.

    I've noticed
    how people stare at you
    almost crazed
    if you walk through... more »

  • Summer.

    The smoke shakes
    beneath my roof
    and I pour the first glass
    of the day.... more »

  • The Refugee

    The woman's refugee around the corner from me
    burnt down the other night
    and I found myself wondering,
    as they ran from the tumble-down... more »

  • Think Before You Speak.

    This time I knew it was over.

    she'd walked out on more than one occasion... more »

  • Too Lose A Friend....

    'I'm sorry, it's terminal.'

    I look him in the eye
    just to see if he's lying... more »

  • Too Those Not Forgotten (Part One)

    Charles Bukowski to leukaemia,
    Erroyl Flynn to cocaine.
    Bill Hicks fell to cancer,
    Zappa the same,... more »

  • When The Rains Come.

    My Landlord's screaming that the rent's overdue,
    Serenaded by the sound of death from the early morning news,
    And every day's a little harder just to pull through,
    When you know the whole World's crazy... more »

  • Window.

    'Better that I break the window
    than him or her or me...' Fiona Apple.

    Sick of love,... more »