• A Ship In A Bottle

    It sits there on the sideboard
    Or on the mantle shelf,
    And after such a long time
    You don't notice it yourself.... more »

  • Busted

    I was strolling down the aisle,
    We were shopping there in style,
    With my daughter sitting smiling in the cart.
    I was stretching out my hand... more »

  • Christmas In America

    The season is a'turning there's a real change in the air
    A chilly wind is blowing now, the branches all look bare,
    In L.A. and in Florida palms rattle in the breeze,
    And folk are loading cars and trucks to bring home Christmas trees.... more »

  • Cloves

    Set in the Indian Ocean,
    Off the African coast, but not far,
    There's a fertile oasis surrounded by sea-
    The Island of Zanzibar.... more »

  • Dawning Oxford

    The old city is darkly hid beneath night's heavy gown,
    And nothing stirs below in our medieval town.
    The sun's first rays like golden spears come shining through,
    Pale first, then brighter, lighting trees and sparkling dew.... more »

  • God's Wee Watchmen

    Who is God's wee watchman
    Chirping through the night?
    Who let's us know that all is safe
    That everything's alright?... more »

  • Happy In America

    I grew up in Africa,
    I've been to Zanzibar
    I've seen the great Rift Valley,
    and it's western rim so far,... more »

  • Kicked Off The Bus

    An Apartheid Story

    If you visit Cape Town
    There's one thing you must do,... more »

  • My Silver Box

    I have a little silver box,
    And in its private hold
    I store a thousand memories
    And secrets never told.... more »

  • Of Ships And The Sea

    Sing me a song of fine old ships,
    Of fine old ships and the sea,
    With hulls that ply the rolling waves
    Like a claymore flying free;... more »

  • One For The Pot

    You may never have stood and looked down the sight
    At the Tommy buck out in the breeze
    With the barrel on the side of the truck
    As your father says, "Gently now, squeeze." ... more »

  • Seventy One

    Seventy one's a number
    It means driving pretty fast,
    It's one year past three score and ten
    And that you've made it past.... more »

  • Siafu

    Siafu, Siafu, they travel in lines,
    Sometimes in tens and sometimes in nines,
    Sometimes the ranks are ten yards wide
    With big soldier ants that keep guard at the side.... more »

  • The Grosvenor's Song

    I sing for you a song of old
    That goes back through the ages,
    A song that tells about a feast
    That fills out history's pages,... more »

  • The Hot Earth

    When ever I touch the ground that's hot
    With the sole of my foot that's bare,
    I never fail to recall a time,
    And the memories lingering there,... more »

  • The Name She Bore

    Lunenburg's a harbor town
    Known for the shipwright's trade,
    Beside her wharves and beachhead slips,
    Great schooners have been made.... more »

  • The Snake House

    I called it the "Snake House".
    Others may not have done.
    My mother and father may have known its address,
    The house in Koru, on the hill... more »

  • Timeless Oxford

    I stood by the bridge
    Gazing down at the greens
    Of the trees on the banks
    At the union of streams.... more »

  • Tusker

    There are many smells of Africa
    That I at times recall:
    The quay side waft of tainted water
    In the harbor pool,... more »

  • Walking On My Grave

    It was Margaret Thatcher's War
    The final blast for glory,
    Reflecting on it I might have been in service,
    For had a different hand been played... more »