Neil Young Biography

I come from Liverpool, England. I have written poetry for many years and some of these poems appear here and in my first book 'Neptune & other poems'. Though often reluctant to publish my work, some pieces have appeared in print before. Aside from writing, my interests include music, art, architecture, film, theatre and travel.

My favourite poets include T.S. Eliot, Ian Hamilton, Geoffrey Hill, Philip Larkin, Adam O'riordan, Edward Lucie-Smith, Sylvia Plath, Neil Powell, A.S.J. Tessimond, Derek Walcott and Tom Warner to name but a few.

In another life, I have recorded, edited and produced several organ music CDs for organist friends.

I am currently working on new poems for my second book 'Departures' and a side project 'Motives' which are coming on well and look set to be completed by mid 2020, for publication in autumn 2020. Poems marked by a double asterisk are to be included in Departures. Poems marked by quadruple asterisks are from Motives. They appear here in a compromised layout due to limitations of the poemhunter website.

I am great believer that: 'Where everything is bad, it must be good to know the worst...'