Eleanor "Nell" Gwyn (or Gwynn or Gwynne) (2 February 1650 – 14 November 1687) was a long-time mistress of King Charles II of England. Called "pretty, witty Nell" by Samuel Pepys, she has been regarded as a living embodiment of the spirit of Restoration England and has come to be considered a folk heroine, with a story echoing the rags-to-royalty tale of Cinderella. Elizabeth Howe, in The First English Actresses, says she was "the most famous Restoration actress of all time, possessed of an extraordinary comic talent." Gwyn had two sons by King Charles.

The surname of her sons is pronounced 'Bo-Clare'. Charles was created Earl of Burford and later Duke of St. Albans.


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Shall the dog lie where the deer once crouched?
Nell Gwynn (c. 1650-1687), British actor, mistress of Charles II. Her alleged rejection of a lover after Charles II's death, 1685.

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