• Affair

    There comes a time in many relationships,
    Believe me, I’m old
    I know,
    Where one questions themselves... more »

  • Cancer

    Comforting lack of breath
    Inhale yourself looking for a soul
    Viewing a reflected self portrait... more »

  • Caught In Flight

    Were you caught in the flight before the fall
    taking in all its beauty
    were you stuck in the realization before the crash
    too late to remember what can't be changed... more »

  • Dark Haired Boys

    My father’s advice: Please do not:
    Make your biggest mistakes
    Too many times
    Don’t be a hole in so many belts... more »

  • Disagree

    As tonight falls down
    I remember you
    As the stars hit the pavement,
    you rain... more »

  • Girl I Went To Highschool With

    'I can't believe that bitch! '
    she screamed, thudding into the girl's locker room
    'I told my mom I wanted a WHITE Mercedes! She got me a black one! '... more »

  • I Put A Spell On You...Because You'Re Mine

    Infected by a climactic awe
    A young room contaminated by a spurred moment
    An expectance of invitation
    There is no ardor... more »

  • Jersey City

    You understand the trivial things
    The way the rain falls hard on the roof
    'It's just mathamatics, ' you said.
    But no, boy.... more »

  • Killing Tinkerbell

    And her lips die quick and cold beneath my own
    They tremble still,
    and her eyes won't close
    But you're not here,... more »

  • My Baby Dream Girl

    the dead girl in the closet
    was telling me a story
    about how she fell from the sky
    and a smashed guitar was her best friend... more »

  • Old Scratch The Serpent

    What have I done,
    To bathe these disturbances
    The swirl of pretty pink everything
    Bouncing along the tile of everyplace in town... more »

  • Our Bird Song

    “Don’t do that.” He said,
    “Every time you loose your pride,
    you make it harder and harder for me to love you”... more »

  • Rt.78 East Bound

    finding yourself entangled between clouds
    only fog in the distance
    making it to see the end
    of a very small earth... more »

  • Soccer Mom

    All the home town boys
    Wasting their time with oil and fire
    Took some time
    To flip a dime... more »

  • To Quite Smoking

    Sugar and caffeine are now my drugs of choice
    So easily accessible with loose pocket change
    But you, my nicotine,
    Are a lover I shall bring first hand to the plane... more »

  • Typical Spring Day

    My paintings and drawings thumb-tacked on
    The closet door
    Two rocking chairs
    A Snapple bottle... more »

  • Wandering Off

    I lowered my chin down
    This morning on the rye
    From being set too tall... more »