• Body Of Evidence

    It is the body
    That remembers with no strain:
    it hardly does to trust
    the brain-poor thing... more »

  • Bondage Or Freedom

    The safety of uncaringness

    The encrypted loneliness
    The circumscribed movements... more »

  • Cafeteria

    I will go early
    And feast on doughnuts
    (The kind with the jelly in the middle)... more »

  • California Seashore

    I came to the edge of the land
    And there lay the sea as a prostrate giant

    Crawling along an endless sand... more »

  • Can You Turn?

    Can you turn from the sword
    that invites-please
    'Hang upon me? '... more »

  • Car Crash

    I did nothing special
    On the day
    They put the two youngsters
    In their graves... more »

  • Choosing

    All that exists is worthy of love
    For all that exist is life
    And life is worthy of love
    If it be worthy of anything... more »

  • Concert

    There netted from the deep
    dream - charmed
    ocean... more »

  • Consider This

    There is no use to consider
    The color of pain
    Of any use,
    Yes to look at the jib of the cut... more »

  • Crying

    My heart is crying.....
    Let it cry

    I'm desolate........ more »

  • Dandelion

    Think you the dandelion have thoughts of self improvement?
    tries perhaps to be more like the peonies
    dreams of just once being in the flower show
    and dazzling all who go... more »

  • Darkside Of The Moon

    I held the light in my heart
    Even as in the long cold dark night
    One holds the reflection of the
    sun unrisen... more »

  • Different

    We are
    Sharply different
    Each from each
    Something within us insists... more »

  • Do You Still Recognize Me?

    Recognize "qualms" as the
    beginning of future torments
    From some feared watchdog of the soul
    An insistence that besets, that disorients... more »

  • Drifting Clouds

    And then I heard the rapturous
    calling of a God's name

    I grew rapt and stilled... more »

  • Driven

    It does not matter
    How I have been driven
    What gauntlet took up
    What gauntlet threw down... more »

  • Earl Of Essex Versus Queen Elizabeth

    My keen sword lies broken at your feet,
    Cold eyes and hot eyes above it meet...
    Your will is to rule,
    And mine not to be ruled...... more »

  • Elsewhere

    I could not say that this
    Is the end of everything

    Could I?... more »

  • End Of A Dream

    End of a dream.....
    Where do you stand
    at the end of... more »

  • Entertaining A Fool

    When someone seeks to fool you
    Sedulously striving so as to rule you

    Thus professing so sincere... more »

  • Faces

    We scarcely pause to speculate
    what throngs behind a face

    What multitudes of worlds there be... more »

  • Falling

    On the edge of sleep
    On the falling words
    Of an old song... more »

  • Floored

    When you are floored
    By a harsh blow
    It's best to lie there
    For the full count... more »

  • For Heavens Sake

    To try or not to try, to gain entrance,
    be ushered in, with, beneficent angelic smile...

    Heaven what will it be, for me? ...... more »

  • Forever

    I wished in the most dreadful way
    That we could know
    each other forever... more »