• Morning Devotional

    And the day devours me now
    Eating from inside out:
    And the clothes line holds the dreams
    Of last night neatly hung... more »

  • Morning Trees

    When dreams evaporate and mist away
    and hushed and still the shadows hang

    As dew touched leaves inmorning trees... more »

  • My Falcon

    My falcon comes not back again

    To sit upon my wrist with hooded eye
    Yielding first his fierce-sought prize... more »

  • My Recent Trip To 7-Eleven

    As I passed the tiny church at the edge of the little valley-village I heard the clock strike one

    I followed the inviting road happy, confident,
    twas so smooth beneath my riant feet,... more »

  • Mysterious Possibilities

    You have evolved from
    what you did
    And what you did not do... more »

  • Once Upon A Time

    All that I am will be no more

    Except on the edge
    Of some heart here and there... more »

  • One Day

    One day, one day, one day
    How long ago I do not know
    You felt inside your shoe
    Something strange and new?... more »

  • One Voice Speaking

    How when you are dead
    Will you touch other hearts
    Unless now when you can
    You lay bare your own?... more »

  • Our Hearts Endure

    How mutable and unsure
    Are all desires that our hearts endure;

    How few the certain moments... more »

  • Our Last Quarrel

    Strange that a smile
    Should slide away like that
    As though fallen from her face... more »

  • Our Pilgrimage

    Soon comes an end to our long pilgrimage
    seeking some utter assurance, that all is well-
    after all our tempestuous fretting and doubting
    hoping all shall remain well after destiny brings an end to us... more »

  • Our Room

    I try to think
    How it will be
    When from my heart
    This room is taken... more »

  • Passion

    Having spent my passion freely
    On great things and small

    Loved practically a time or two... more »

  • Players

    Those that play at life
    Must play with death
    Even when the sun is shining
    Even when the Spring breaks through... more »

  • Plink


    Fumble fingers is
    Direct, always... more »

  • Precaution

    The spider has a secret
    guideline to assist-
    but of what grand puzzle
    does this consist?... more »

  • Quest

    The hearts quest
    for power over itself
    Was not answered
    By the lamp reflected... more »

  • Rejection

    The heart will not trust ashes
    to be chosen, but doubts
    that it can be:
    If you say that you were not loved,... more »

  • Reminiscence

    I did not say
    I have come home

    I stood beside the fence... more »

  • Restless Visions

    Petulant child,
    what was it you thought
    You would be given?
    What far universe,... more »

  • Risks

    There is no eagerness
    Without risks regret

    No full impulse... more »

  • Robots

    When robot lips
    Speak their robot words
    What will hear
    But a robot ear........ more »

  • Safe And Sound

    Walk out does not mean
    To walk free
    Let the magician tell you
    About the silver cord... more »

  • Safe Havens

    Without thought I stood beside the country road
    caught in some hiatus of being
    Soft breeze - autumn sun - humming silence
    a trembling leaf that falls... more »

  • Searching

    To turn
    From the anguish
    Of the world
    Is not to escape it........ more »