• Shapes

    Despair does not know
    what it shapes
    In the gaunt-eyed hours
    of its hopeless grief... more »

  • Silent Screams

    Suffering is silent
    Makes no noise
    Muter than air:
    But it is there... more »

  • Since You Are Gone

    Since you are gone the stones lie differently along the ground
    and words that are the same now have a different sound
    sharp and clear in early dawn there is a road I cannot travel on... more »

  • Sky

    The morning sky
    Intense and blue is not shut out
    By eyelids closing........ more »

  • Slip

    One split second
    I'm putting my foot
    On the first step of
    the front porch and... more »

  • Smokey (A Poem For The People Of London England)

    ... more »

  • Somehow I Dream

    Oh say all- who will say- that all perfection
    Holds but a little moment and is gone
    And so this all so perfect day must vanish... more »

  • Something Is Listening

    Something is listening

    So many voices
    So much talking... more »

  • Something Red

    Something red is
    Hazing the sky

    Oh heart your bleeding... more »

  • Stranger

    I saw the day the world was fair
    I walked a strange road
    To a strange field and
    You were there... more »

  • Susan Greenfield-Baroness Greenfield

    Passion reason, the sighting eye
    The hand that launched to kill
    Or perhaps worse, and not recall... more »

  • The Doors

    Reality is nothing we can grasp
    Has no certain shape

    Nothing to entice... more »

  • The Dust Never Settles

    Seeing not the imperceptible
    Destruction of the self as a simple grace

    She thought it quite likely... more »

  • The Grand Abyss

    Finally now, we see below us
    The abyss over which we have traveled
    All these years the whisper- thin
    Web of our imagining... more »

  • The Key

    I sought the key that was promised me
    hid in the sand of the lonely land

    But I saw the key that was promised me... more »

  • The Natural Boundaries Of Hope

    Nothing but a spiders web of nerves
    Expecting flies and payment for ones labor
    Or someone cold into a warm spot sinking
    To wrap in a quilt of bliss... more »

  • The Saucepan

    ... more »

  • The Scarf

    The scarf lay in wait
    For Isadora Duncan
    Though the design was not
    Yet in the designers eye... more »

  • The Wall

    Sometimes in extremity as I recall
    I used to turn and stroke the wall

    Fingertips against the smoothness... more »

  • These Hungry Ears

    There is an opposite
    Of love
    That is unlove... more »

  • This Bedside Vigil

    A spontaneous glow of great mirth
    encompass her features
    a smile alit upon her lips... more »

  • This Day

    So dawns this day
    And we know not
    What it may say
    What bring... more »

  • Tidbits

    This day will never begin again
    (Nor this hour, nor this minute)
    I will look carefully to see what is in it... more »

  • Tiny Distractions

    Those things in our lives
    that do not bear dwelling upon

    at a guess are legion... more »

  • Tis So Curious

    Tis so curious how a mind creates the limbo in which it must dwell
    How the soul scuttles desperately about like a small animal hiding
    Quiet in great chaos- these curious circumstances-
    can fascinate and confound -... more »