• To Irene

    Memory is very good at cropping

    Seeing is selective at the first glance
    allowing us to notice today as an expanse based... more »

  • To Them That Did What We Did Not

    We sent substitutes, you know
    And sat out safe...
    We let others fight in our place
    We let others die... more »

  • Together

    When comrades have strength enough themselves
    to shoulder the burdens
    of their dearly beloved friends
    they willingly do so... more »

  • Tolerance

    Our tolerance of familiar things
    is pretty notorious

    The monsters face does not grow kinder... more »

  • Trucks

    That I am!
    Covered with clutching thoughts that cling

    I will have no truck to their wildness... more »

  • Trust

    Trust prefers everything
    Singles out nothing

    A small talisman... more »

  • Truth

    A quest for what?
    Oh yes
    Truth... more »

  • Uncertain Sea

    When your tide goes sweeping out to sea
    Let it be - do not despair - nor cast lament
    Let not imagination conjure rip and rent... more »

  • Unpicked

    Not to be chosen that was
    The sting
    Drinking bitter medicines
    Or Sweet... more »

  • Unseen

    Untouched a petal falls:

    As I see an unseen world... more »

  • Useless

    Precious I am not
    Being neither stone nor flower
    Wine, good food or health
    Nor am I riches... more »

  • Violets(To Keats)

    Who looking at violets
    Does not think of Keats?

    And thinking of Keats... more »

  • Way Up There

    Could you fly up there
    In the empty air
    Nothing but air
    Everywhere - free to get lost... more »

  • We Climbed The Bald That Day (A Poem For Johnny)

    He went with me to the top
    of the mountain
    No one else would go...
    Because it was... more »

  • We Have Forgotten

    Oh, of course it was not Freddie-
    my lovable dog-and his breakfast
    the look of the river-the trains going by... more »

  • We Were

    Too soon gone into
    something else,
    Too quick-silver
    Sliding, gone... more »

  • What Do You Think?

    From a comparative calm
    of hard earned solitude
    a solicitous question beckons... more »

  • What I Have Found

    How I have been driven
    What gauntlet I took up
    What gauntlet I threw down
    It does not matter... more »

  • What We Love

    What we love is as mutable and uncertain as any other reality
    The passing face - life passing - a smile passing by-
    What does it signify- mean - imply... more »

  • Who Iz Izzie Cooper? ? ? ?

    Who Iz Izzie Cooper

    Par for the course?... more »

  • Who Knows?

    By such trivial things
    Is the soul kept alive
    It hardly knows...... more »

  • Windows

    'Not by the Eastern Windows

    When comes the morning... more »

  • Windy

    Windy was wild
    December's child
    She could not bide
    she could not stay... more »

  • With Me

    And will you go with me?

    You give your hands
    I hold them close... more »

  • Wondering No More

    The dead stir not from
    their last measurement
    But metely lie
    bewilderment put by... more »