Well, I am a TV anchor. I also present programs on
Nile TV International Egypt.
I am a seeker of truth and love and I have a great appetite for love, Love of All beings and love of life.
that is in short who I am. more? I cant say anything about myself. That is for the people who know me!


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To You And Only To You My Love

I love your smile and the sound of your laughter.
I adore the beloved hue of your voice, your calm
Mellow voice and your exclusive HI SWEET.
I love your glances that send my heart prancing and... more »

Sea Of Love

I envy the strands of hair brushing your beloved face
In the evening breeze,
I envy the breeze that you breathe
Even though I'm the gentle breeze you inhale... more »

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Comments about nermin nazim

Carole Cohen 28 Nov 2006 09:22
I think Nermin Nazim, the poet, is the same person with whom I exchanged Emails for several years. I could not get through to her after 9/11/01, and would very much like to hear from her again. I did write a message to her through this site, and I hope that she or someone she knows will see the message, and she will contact me.. Carole
Omer Mardini 27 Jul 2006 12:09
I think Nermin is my old friend.Her complete name was Nermine Nazim Ibrahim and her brother is Mohsen.We all were friends during my presence in Egypt 21 years ago.If that's true I would like have more information about Nermin and Mohsen. I miss both of them.Write me please. Omer