NeVada Baker Poems

Stop The Abuse

Behind locked doors...
Concrete walls and cement floors...
They created my cell.
I call it jail.... more »

Fragments Of A Ninth Birthday

Fragments of a red balloon
Hang limp on the rail.
Like the echoes of a birthday tune
They're now remanants of a birthday tale.... more »

I Saw The Holes

I folded his shirt. I saw the holes,
He had nervously chewed the rim.
My heart goes out to him...
It too was left behind.... more »

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Who Iam 24 Feb 2008 08:37
It's time for you to get busy and write!
Who Iam 24 Feb 2008 08:35
Sis, thanks for reading my recent thoughts.Crashing Waves was a situation while stationed in Hawaii, I never discussed her with anyone, but she was a beautiful young girl, i often wonder what my life would have been if... The As I Recall was for all of us, and of course the other one was about my...