ngawang tashi Biography

I am indeed son of Tibetan but born in Nepal, the stranger world, and due to aggressive invasion of our nation by the red Chinese government, upheaval rapid exodus of Tibetan in Nepal, India, Butan and so on, at facing with that pathetic incident. This is reason why we are unfortunate getting distant life from our nation appearance. However, the despondency story is happened in not very far history, in fact it take place at proximity bygone century so that everything that folded our experience and remembrance shall stretched to the height of spirit. As we grow in our physically and mentally, the Tibetan soul would remark to climb to the high and to run to the distance as much our struggle remained. The Tibet, widely known as roof of world, is everything for all people of world but must be very special of us. All that I am and all that I’ll ever be would not be possible if my nation hadn't given name to me so I'm letting you know right now that I love my Tibet so