• A Song Of Anguish

    I don’t want to see the sea,
    To have its cool breeze graze my tormented soul

    I hate the laughter at the beach,... more »

  • A Song To Africa

    Let me sing to you
    my dear African brothers and sisters
    my brothers and sisters now on dhows and dinghies
    or whatever vessel you use... more »

  • A Walk Around The Country

    I took a walk around the country
    I saw many things;
    kids full of songs, life, energy
    youths drained of energy... more »

  • Am I In Love

    Am I in love?
    Tell me
    Are you the one making me sick?
    Am I in love or not... more »

  • Beach

    It’s sunset
    Am on the beach barefoot
    The sky’s rich, brilliant and varied
    Like you... more »

  • Bewitched

    Why are doing this to me?
    I see you everywhere
    I feel you in everything I do
    Why are you torturing me?... more »

  • Feelings

    Who knows what I feel but me
    I laugh, dryly
    To veil the angst beneath
    I know the feeling... more »

  • Ferry

    I hope
    I am not a ferry
    Just to help you cross the channel
    Only to be left... more »

  • First Love

    I know that the first love
    It is the deepest
    It is the finest
    Is the essence of life... more »

  • Grey

    I’m on a pendulum, swinging
    I’m white, then black, but now am grey
    I know you, I don’t know you
    I am with you, lonely... more »

  • Her Wish

    When I die, she told me
    I would like to lie surrounded
    By pious and loved souls... more »

  • I Had My Palms Read

    The medicine woman,
    She told me to lift my left thumb
    Then she laughed
    Looked me over... more »

  • Life

    What is life but an empty shell
    What is life but a hollow emptiness
    We walk around in gold
    Ours ears glittering in pearls... more »

  • My Class Of Five

    My class of five
    Is driving me nuts
    I went to class this morning
    To teach them action verbs... more »

  • My Heart

    I have no words, only fears
    Lots of them
    Pressed in, overflowing... more »

  • Ocean

    The ocean whines,
    In hunger, in anger
    It wants more
    All rivers are running dry... more »

  • Our Hearts

    I am lying alone, thinking
    Sleep as usual has rebelled
    Refusing to do what it ought... more »

  • Ravens

    Have you seen the ravens?
    One of them perched
    On this roof yesterday,
    Show me now;... more »

  • Rose

    Your beauty and fragrance inspires me,
    Your complication intrigues me,
    Sometimes you are natural and perpetual;
    At others you are hybrid and delightful... more »

  • The Last Day

    If you knew your last day
    Where would you spend it?
    Would it be at the beach- breezing?
    Or at the park, meditating... more »

  • The Lump Again

    The lump in my throat
    Has refused to go away.
    It wakes me up in the morning
    Reminds me am still alive.... more »

  • The Phone Call

    He kept glancing at the phone
    He wanted it to vibrate
    He always put the phone in silent mode
    He hated the squeaky ring tones... more »