Self-taught poet and philomath. A native of Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA. Born in former South Vietnam. Briefly attended the University of the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. Enjoys good food, music, art, museums, movies, mathematics, science, philosophy, literature, poetry, Greek mythology, science fiction, books, reading, learning, intelligent and beautiful women, love and romance, collecting current and old and rare comic books, fitness, free-weights, aerobic exercises; and sunshine, fresh water and fresh air. A Member of Poetic Genius Society, LYRIQ Society, CIVIQ Society and HELLIQ Society. His poetry can be found in Poetic Genius Society, LYRIQ Society,,, and


Ngoc Minh Nguyen Poems

In Remembrance Of George Floyd

The strength of [our] color will prevail: white,
black, yellow, or red make no difference
in the racist threat against existence
that oppresses with might but is not right!... more »

Little Sparrow, What Troubles Thee...?

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."—Psalm 34: 18 New International Version (NIV)... more »

Mutual Destiny

What hand of Fate joins us? Only God knows.
Though you are young as spring, and I am old;
we intersect in life, as worlds unfold.
In time your suffering, troubles, and woes... more »

Ngoc Minh Nguyen Quotes

'To have the soul of a poet is to feel with the mind and to think with the heart.'
Ngoc Minh Nguyen

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