• I Have Left Behind

    I have left my children to save my own hide
    While I could not have prepared them for life
    With their kids nobody knows what would betide
    To their future and towards which how to strive.... more »

  • In Memory Of My Father

    reverently dedicated to my dear Dad’s spirit

    Whilst boarding the aircraft to fly towards the ocean... more »

  • The Days Dad Got Imprisoned

    How harrowing were the days Dad got imprisoned:
    Mom could hardly sleep, got her eyes wet, rings wizened.
    Gnawing the tiny rootstock Mom spared for me: how sad!
    I was so hungry, Dad!... more »

  • The Year 2000

    After the year two thousand, I will be still alive,
    And so will other animals and worms.
    There still will be vegetables and germs,
    And mundane life as ever, rain or shine.... more »

  • Truth

    On that old day – How could it be neglected?
    The scientist Bruno went on to the pyre
    As if he was taking a stroll, unaffected;
    He re-affirmed to the frenzied abusers of fire:... more »