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Superpose your silk eye-lashes in anticipation
And here as I bestow a new world upon your lips
Feel the shredded brush of lip-lines smudging & reshaping
Into newer landscapes... more »

Beyond The Opthalmic

three bright blue anemones
and the grey womb of sea,
in stringent endeavour,... more »

Shadows Trapped

Like the empty wall after you removed a years-old portrait
And suddenly the dust and spider-web, or even an infant spider for that matter
Suddenly piercing your heart...
Like winter evenings... more »

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Comments about Nibedita Deb

Abhijit Banerjee 20 Sep 2005 07:51
Dearest Nibedita, Great creations, keep it up. I always enjoy your writings. The maturity of thought is everywhere. I'm sure one day you will touch the supreme height of success. Please don't stop writing, with time you are bound to improve. My Best wishes are always with you.... keep inspiring us, Abhijit
Saswati Ghosh 18 Sep 2005 07:06
Nibedita, I read all your poems. Compared to your age, all are excellent. I have also emailed some of them to my friends and also told them to visit the sight. I wish you write more and more poems and excel as a poet also. You have really made your teacher very proud. My best wishes for you.
Sk Deb 16 Sep 2005 07:07
Mom, I read all 9 poems here listed in your web page under PoemHunter, Com. All the poems are excellent and meaningful. Your previous pomes that you have been composing since your childhood can be inserted here. put date, month and year of all poems. Carry on to create more. - Dad