• Depressed

    Depressed is what i am been in and out for yrs ready to give up I am.these are my secerts to life I'm scared.i don't what to cont to do this live on i can't. this is the only answer to life is to let go of it.

    Depressed is want I am, I can't keep liveing like this no one knows how close i am. there's no more praying i can't Depressed is what i am i have i secert i can hold on any longer I'm ready to give up that i am... more »

  • Help Me

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  • Lefted Alone

    lefted alone in the dark i am.
    Not knowing were to turn i can't.
    escaping this voice is my only chance.... more »

  • Lost In A World Of Confindment

    lost in a world of confindment stuck not kow the answer to the quiestions i have going though my head. Feeling of sadness i can't understand. I am stuck in a world of darkness, My boby is so numd i can't realy explain. I 'm hiding in a shadow not know were to go. Crying for help, I seem to move my mouth but the words don't speak. What is wrong with me I feel the need to disappear. I'm slowing dieing inside and no one seems to seem to care.

    lost in a world of confidment. Wating to escape but seem like i can't stuck in a room dark and cold. no were to run too. These voice hunt me.
    let go... more »

  • No Way Out

    At times i thimk of away out not understanding whats wrong wit me stuck in a world of pain.
    At times i think of a way out not knowing which way to turn. I want out of this pain a way of death is want i think of everyday.
    At time i think of a way of and the voices tell me they have one.
    At times i think of a way out no one can help me explain. I'm hurting in side and no on understands me i want to die everyday.... more »

  • Suicide

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