Nicholas Lind Biography

I have been through bumps in the road. The small things in life makes living worthwhile. I feel that everything you do must be true to yourself. I look at the world as one big mystery filled with infinite knowledge. If you cannot see something or understand it that does not mean it’s not there or not true. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I find everything beautiful. Nature is absolutely amazing. Clouds, the sun, space is over whelming. I’m high on life and always will be. I enjoy expressing myself through words. I feel I can get my point across better. I am not here to criticize you of your work. I feel everything that is written is beautiful in its own way to its rightful owner. If I find something not of my liking I feel there is no reason to judge or comment. Positivity is what I shoot for. I love working with people. Being a team is always fun. I’m also into writing stories and music. Hope to one day write a book.