I was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I later moved to Texas, T or C New Mexico, Phoenix AZ, Florida and then back to Green Bay. I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. I have posted poetry online under my Pseudonyms as well. If you want to post any of my poetry, get my permission prior to posting. Please delete any poems you have posted of mine without my permission or correctly list the name of the poem along with (written by Nicholas McDonough) in the title.


Nicholas McDonough Poems

Six Six Six Revealed (Repeating Cycle) (Jul 7th,2004)

Love brings war
Love breeds hate
Love births peace... more »

( ) .....

Descending, falling secretly,
Thou dark, unholy creature- bring'st thou
hope or fear?
Life, cold death, kindness, hope ever-... more »

Seeing Eyes (Dec 2nd,2003)

Knowing what was, I nolonger sleep
I've seen through all eyes, understanding runs deep... more »

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