• Eclipse Angel

    Eclipse angel strikes again
    She's full of fear, she can't pretend
    Eclipse angel come close, come near
    Show us your pain, show us your fear... more »

  • Heart Of Stone

    In the shadows I stand alone
    By this heart of solid stone
    And wait for it to start to beat
    So I won't accept defeat... more »

  • Rose

    Rose oh rose, where have you gone
    You promised you'd be back at dawn
    Rose oh rose, I should have known
    That you would leave me all alone... more »

  • Suicide

    Lights flash, you close your eyes
    This time she's dead, no surprise
    You wait for tears, they never come
    You're feeling nothing, you are numb... more »

  • Tortured Innocent

    There she stands, naked before their eyes
    Awaiting judgement, no surprise
    Can they not see the truth she bears
    Dying slowly, though no one cares... more »

  • War Against The Voices

    Falling, I'm fading away
    I'm gonna hit the bottom, soon, without delay
    Nothing there to stop me or break my fall
    All I can do is stand here, await the worst, try to stall... more »

  • Wrong Man

    I looked a man in the eye today, and told him he would die
    Thinking I was crazy, man laughed and asked me why
    I told him it was punishment for the deeds he’d known he’d done
    Now reflecting on the past, I knew he’d try to run... more »