Writing is my passion, as most poets would say, untill just resently I was suffering the worse form os writer's block ever, each blank sheet of paper I saw tanted me, but, thankfully I've started writing again! ! There really isn't much for me to say about myself, I'm just a 'normal' teenage girl leaving in a crap town, who's had her heart broken quite a few to many times.


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Je T’aime…k Є ♥

I’ve fought so hard to make it this far, and I will fight so much harder to keep him…

We made a mistake, now it’s time to suffer... more »


Waiting for the one
The one to love
To love forever
Forever in his arms... more »

Blood And Tears

Windows: covoured in rain
Mirror: Covoured in blood
Her face: Covoured in tears... more »

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