• A Misguided Angel

    “Such a beautiful girl, ” she hears…
    “What happened? ” they ask…

    Her father was never around,... more »

  • Blood And Tears

    Windows: covoured in rain
    Mirror: Covoured in blood
    Her face: Covoured in tears... more »

  • Blood Stained Heart

    ... more »

  • Cry

    I will not let them see me cry
    They can push
    They can pry
    But they shure as hell won't see me cry... more »

  • Cycle

    Sadness roams free
    Death decaying
    Madness alike
    Dieing again... more »

  • Darkness

    Out of the darkness
    I found light
    Out of the depths of depression
    I found reason to live... more »

  • Differences

    Fighting temptation with each passing male
    Holding onto his heart without remorse
    Looking at him makes it hard to exhale
    Thinking of all the pain makes it much worse... more »

  • Emotions

    Why am I still here
    I can sence that they don't care
    They've pushed me to the brink of insanity
    Yet have not stopped... more »

  • Forbidden

    My heart aches
    Aches for the one man I cannot have
    The one I may love
    Even though I know it's forbidden... more »

  • I Sence Him

    Dressed in all black
    I see him

    Sword ablazed... more »

  • Je T’aime…k Є ♥

    I’ve fought so hard to make it this far, and I will fight so much harder to keep him…

    We made a mistake, now it’s time to suffer... more »

  • Lost

    I felt so lost,
    Trapped in myself.
    Then I meet you,
    And I finially fel alive.... more »

  • Love (A Circle Poem)

    Cutting... more »

  • Lover's Moon

    This is a Harry Potter poem

    As the moon shines in
    And the wind blows through,... more »

  • Numbers

    Living a life in vain
    Hiding from the light
    Fighting tears as teh yelling magnifies
    Rebuking, screaming curses of hate back at the faces of pain... more »

  • Once**

    There was once a time
    When I was not alone
    Now you've gone
    Forever gone... more »

  • Poetry

    ... more »

  • Poetry Of A Lost Soul

    The last breath inside a dieing soul;
    Like an archeologist searching for that one great dig, but instead drowning in a sea of molten rubble;
    Like a small child crying out in the night, groping and yearning for the nipple of a mother who’s not there;... more »

  • Running

    This poem was not written by me. All rights belong to my really good Kevin Cruth.

    I keep running and running
    But running from nothing... more »

  • Sacred*place

    Roaming this land lost and forgotten
    Searching for a place to call my own
    Lost in a world that rejects the unknown
    For I am unknown... more »

  • That Guy In The Shadows

    That guy in the shadow
    We all see him
    We just don't give a damn
    He may stalk you... more »

  • The Mirror

    The mirror, the one thing that can show me all my pain
    The mirror, the thing I look at to often.
    The mirror, the thing I'm told by others in to see the beauty they claim I have.
    The mirror, on the wall, reflecting the pain in my eyes for me to see.... more »

  • This Is Not Me

    I look around my room
    And wonder what
    I've become
    This is not me... more »

  • Untitled Pt.1

    ... more »

  • Waiting

    Waiting for the one
    The one to love
    To love forever
    Forever in his arms... more »