• Dont Follow

    The dirt cakes deep
    Bout three inches around
    Snap on my handcuffs
    While I lay on the ground... more »

  • Garden Man

    The vampires are from the east
    And the wanderers from the west
    When I die plant seeds in me
    So trees will grow from my chest... more »

  • Grey Existance

    When I was younger the world was so new
    Things were so colorful and bright
    But now that brightness has dimmed
    And nothing feels right... more »

  • Leave Me

    Just leave me here
    I'll just slow you down
    You're destine to swim
    And I to drown... more »

  • Motor Home Funeral

    A fork has three prongs
    I am a cucumber
    I live in a shoe
    I have no friends... more »

  • Take It Back

    Lets get together
    And take back our lives
    Let's let them know
    We won't hear thier lies... more »

  • The Man In The Suit

    The man in the suit lays down
    At last he is alone
    At last he is at peace
    He feels now... more »