Hey everyone...These are a few of my poems. Some are inspiring, some are depressing, some are neutral. Not all of these poems reflect how I feel now or how I have ever felt. Some are in fact based off personal experiences but others are based off experiences of friends, some were thought up randomly.

You may notice that I use long titles. I feel that the titles themselves can tell a whole story...and they look sweet: -p


Nick Jankowski Poems

And They Lived Happily Ever After

I have you to myself;
We're all alone now
for once
Lets make the most... more »

Lung Cancer Doesn'T Procrastinate Like You

'After today, I'll quit forever'
you promised

Like a broken record... more »

This Well-Recited Kiss, Led By Obligation And Ritual, Leaves Me Feeling Empty

Your lips
are pressed against mine
And your arms
are wrapped around me... more »

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