• Back On Track

    There often comes a time,
    When the mundane and banality of life
    Catches up to the flickering warmth of a soul... more »

  • Bury Me

    How can you stop yourself from feeling?
    When you gradually feel yourself betraying you?
    How can you understand yourself?
    When you always keep parts of you hidden?... more »

  • Derailed

    There comes a time in each of our lives
    wherein we lose track of ourselves, and lose sight of our rails.

    Where the illuminated road that always seemed to be there, suddenly lost its light, and with it, our senses that come to a halt.... more »

  • Happy Never After

    How could I possibly stay awake
    Despite knowing what horrors await me
    In this life full of lies and despair
    Where the only hope that remains... more »

  • Palindrome

    People say that the world is crooked,
    Crooked in a sense that it makes everything feel so surreal,
    Surreal for someone who was swept up in the waves of time,
    Time wherein we started out as mere acquaintances in the most peculiar way possible,... more »

  • Strangers At First Sight

    How could you possibly start from nothing?
    And then end up as everything?... more »

  • The Martyr

    Being in love means never having to say you’re sorry
    After all, at some point in your life
    That love was the most important thing to you,
    That love might be the one that you hoped would last forever,... more »