• 7

    What shall one decide to do?
    Do the right or want of you
    Which card to play in a game unknown?
    The king the queen all seem dethroned... more »

  • A Walk From School

    As I trail back on the paved blackness
    Listening to songs that we have sealed united
    A dreamer on the verge of happiness
    And still cannot find peace within himself... more »

  • Alone

    People that flow through time and space
    Making it through the day alone
    Will it be mercy from his Grace
    To spare the lonely form their moans... more »

  • Bad Weather

    Winds and storms
    Destroy my garden
    Nature’s dance takes all forms
    Her might divinity has no pardon... more »

  • Cruelty

    Being a puppet of thoughts of others
    My weakness, fate, it does uncover;
    Make the truth to shine some light,
    The lies prefer, their addictive bright;... more »

  • Italy

    The ancient grandeur
    The timeless nobility
    The artistic richness
    The country of divine eternity... more »

  • Janitor

    The job of jobs the life of lives
    All the opposite the janitors strife
    Believe himself on fruitful hour
    Devour his kingdom, being sour... more »

  • Just My Opinion

    Waiting for the train to come,
    Im dying
    No regrets or even crying.
    Such wounds will never heal,... more »

  • Leaving

    Grace the skies
    and caress the clouds
    Soar so high,
    fly furhter above... more »

  • Math

    Cold and emotionless feeling
    Your power gives nature meaning
    To feel your mysterious dealing
    The melancholy inevitability... more »

  • Poems

    Poems impact all
    They give me rise
    To move into fall
    Painful and slow-demise... more »

  • Snowflakes

    Descedning in the lonely night
    Unkown to the dead and sleeping
    The ground is of its soothing white
    Slowly it comes a'seeping... more »

  • Something Along The Lines Of Love

    Wild is wind without the moon
    Wild am I without you soon
    Sunsets rise when you desire
    Passion lights flames of searing fire... more »

  • Something Along The Lines Of Love2

    As I sit writing, imagining too
    I am not here, but there with you
    My spirit soaring to your command
    Souls in anthem, even the damned... more »