• Evil's End

    The towers come down with a loud blast
    From that point on, we're doomed to relive the past
    Distractions caused for alternative reasons
    The tide has shifted, and it's a new season... more »

  • Gestures

    ... more »

  • Goodbye

    ... more »

  • Just Your Game

    ... more »

  • Leaks

    The boat has sprung a leak
    The naive sailor proclaims 'We aren't weak! '
    But the wise captain seeks more teak
    In other to make a small tweek... more »

  • Me

    ... more »

  • No More Waiting

    Countless days passed and I just waited
    As my dream of us keeps getting more and more faded
    I can't let this happen; no, not this time
    The mountain is in front of me and I'm ready to climb... more »

  • One

    One is the only number I've ever known
    Just me and only me all alone
    Thinking about all the times with you
    Acting like we ever had a clue... more »

  • Sick Of It All

    All the hate raining down on you
    People always putting you down, who knew?
    Making comments like 'You're gay' or 'Nice weight'
    Why can't we all just be kind... more »

  • Society's Theft

    The endless pursuit of dreams cut short by fear
    Only one day to do it, but drags on for a year
    Living with regret the rest of our lives
    Day by day he only just survives... more »

  • Stories Of A Ship

    Headphones in, mouth full of strife
    Can't be bothered to explain the story of my life
    To random strangers who only heard a rumor
    Growing to the state of a cancerous tumor... more »

  • The Best Is Yet To Come

    Another sleepless night thinking, just thinking
    An empty gaze to you, no breathing or blinking
    There's something about you; I just can't shake it
    Your beautiful eyes or the happiness you emit... more »

  • The Guest

    Lost in a world of social norms
    Walking through the day of storms
    Watching everyone as they sprint
    Out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glint... more »

  • Travel

    ... more »

  • Unfair

    She sits up at night waiting for him to come home
    But he's sitting at the bar are alone
    Complaining about how unfair his life is
    No sports car, and that promotion should've been his... more »