• A Childs Journey

    I take a long huddled walk,
    on a cold mid winter's night
    The cutting wind passes through my clothes,
    feeling the clench of natures bite... more »

  • A Special Man

    There is a man of compassion,
    who is part of my very soul
    With his understanding,
    he has made my life more whole... more »

  • A Typical Day

    There are no mysteries to ponder,
    it is all in plain open view
    Like walking through a meadow,
    and getting wet from the morning dew... more »

  • Always Mine

    Leaving footprints in the sand,
    hand in hand you walked with me
    As the sun slowly faded,
    into the gentle blue sea... more »

  • Believe

    We are all God's children,
    and one day our time will come
    When we will face our Father,
    and his loving Son... more »

  • Beyond Our Limitations

    Let's go on a relaxing voyage,
    not to far from home
    Release your inhibitions,
    and just let reality roam... more »

  • Born On The Rock

    As I contentedly lay back in my dory,
    with my arms lazily outstretched
    I feel Peggy's Cove's cool breath,
    and the fine mist of the ocean on my breast... more »

  • Bottled Courage

    I gently set down the bottle, for it is empty just like the last
    I thought there could be a glimpse of the future, but with this
    drink there is only the past... more »

  • Broken Child

    I wake up to the heat of the early morning sun,
    the bright light which hurts my eyes
    It has yanked me from an idealistic dream,
    I can now hear the young one's cries... more »

  • Burning

    A spark has been some how created,
    with the proper fuel it has started a flame
    Making it's path all consuming,
    the need for tears in the form of rain... more »

  • Change Of Life

    I travel through a corridor of mirrors,
    there are no reflections for lack of light
    Why can I not see myself?
    have I lost my faith in sight... more »

  • Children

    I shed a tear for our young ones,
    but nobody seems to cry with me
    They are left with what we leave behind,
    so what is the world to be... more »

  • Colors Of Faith

    In our everyday busy lives,
    we take for granted the miracles we have received
    Our perception of simple black and white,
    Is a combination yet to be perceived... more »

  • Creativity

    I lay serenely in a grassy field,
    away from civilization, all alone
    My thoughts begin to wander,
    I let my imagination roam... more »

  • Day By Day

    Ever present Guardian Angel,
    who could you possibly be
    You have never failed,
    to constantly watch over me... more »

  • Deliver Me

    Please help me find true enlightenment,
    Can one of the Lords Angels channel me to the path?
    To find the perpetual love of our omnipresent God
    and not the Devils wrath... more »

  • Emotions

    My emotions have taken a holiday,
    I feel neither joy nor pain
    They all have been washed away,
    by an unexplainable internal rain... more »

  • Endless

    Some call it a ball,
    some would call it a sphere
    There are those who would take hold,
    then there are others that fear... more »

  • Energy Equals

    The ideas scurry through my fingers,
    as the words of a broken thought
    Finding no conclusive truth,
    to the answers I have sought... more »

  • Forgotten Marker

    Through the thick damp mist,
    of the cold dark night
    I walk the trails of the evergreen
    stepping in shallow puddles of mud,... more »

  • From The Garden

    I walk through the garden, naked and unashamed
    There is no one else to be found, no one else to blame

    I am all alone, with nature as my only friend... more »

  • Future Of Mankind

    Crashing waves sound over the lightning filled skies
    She stands by the shore with tears of joy in her eyes

    The wind has no intention of catching her hair... more »

  • Our Blue Marble

    I look up into the sky,
    and wonder what is in store
    For in this the grand Universe,
    there must be a whole lot more... more »

  • Poem To A Friend

    I received a letter in the mail,
    one of many I receive each day
    I did not feel like opening it,
    Well at least not right away... more »

  • The Yups And The Nopes

    There is a place within the world,
    so secret that only I know where
    And I was finally given permission,
    it's location I now can share... more »