• A Sinner, I Have Made

    wet sobby soaking lot of someone else’s lies
    I cry for the reason now I sit here and die
    Trying to remember the time I was happiest
    The tears have clouded over and the thin red blood line dries... more »

  • Better To Die Then To Live

    Tortures of hell compete with nothing over the agony of living
    Living is so worthless what is there when we die anyway what have we achieved
    Death is so much easier it’s inevitable, you can’t stop it
    It’d feel so much better to embrace what we cannot change... more »

  • Black Me

    Emptiness within me
    A black hole
    No emotion
    Nothing... more »

  • Bleed To Know

    I bleed to know, what I want
    I bleed to know, how I feel
    I bleed to know, that I’m still alive, that I’m still here
    I bleed to know, pains still real... more »

  • Could Have Gone (Far)

    Your eyes sockets are empty
    Your lips are cold and white
    Your imagination has gone to waste
    Your life went in such haste... more »

  • Die, Let Yourself Be Free

    I once knew a love I thought I could not live without
    Til this day that love is still out there, I’m just not the fool who wears it on my sleeve
    When that love was doomed I held on, kept a tight grip on it
    Now all I have to show for it is a bloody hand... more »

  • Died For Life

    Cascading red down my wrists,
    Blood specks on my lips,
    Copper taste, my will be free
    These things are always haunting me... more »

  • Fallen Angel

    Fallen angel what do you see
    The deep red blood falling from me
    You lost all your hope
    You lost your wings;... more »

  • Freedom From Strife

    Rivers of molten lava
    Fresh hot salty tears

    Lay to rest my worries... more »

  • Happiness

    Crying those lonely tears
    Drying those empty eyes

    No feeling left inside... more »

  • Have You?

    Have you ever tried to be someone you just couldn’t be?
    Have you ever tried to love someone and they just set you free?
    Have you ever tried to act normal when things are so insane?
    And have you shuttered at the thought to say something right?... more »

  • It Wasn'T That Long Ago

    my eyes unyielding
    cry for the time
    when lovers loved and
    teachers, taught... more »

  • Not Going To Fit

    When you die I will laugh
    With all these emotions in my mind
    I can’t see that ghastly design
    But when the things I’m thinking spill to paper... more »

  • Russian Roulette

    Spoken softly
    A whisper in my ear
    She has something to plan
    A friend giggles and gives her a nudge... more »

  • Silent Reminiscences

    Silent as the night they were inflicted
    They tell a story like no other in a book
    And hide a secret no one could keep
    As they bleed the pain dwindles... more »

  • Statement, I' Ve Lost

    Scars pink and long beaten upon my body
    Silent as the night they were inflicted they lay
    Still as the dead heart within my skin, I cry out for the pain
    Secretly I whisper to someone in the dark, try, try, just try to act sane... more »

  • Trust

    why friends call themselves friends, and i know they care
    i can't be trusted to hold a heart
    i can't be trusted with a friend
    why can't i find the courage to stand up to those beating themselves down,... more »

  • Which One To Be

    That little girl eyes so bright
    That little one that never did fight... more »