• A Message To My Da From Peeps (Dog)

    I'm a mix ofbrains, good looks and fluff
    But I'd like to believe I'm mighty tough
    I have a purpose to guard and protect
    Using my skills of high intellect... more »

  • Fanny The Pheasant

    Pheasants are birds that try to fly
    Not many make it up too high
    A barrel pointing and a big loud blast
    Sends many pheasants to the grass... more »

  • Nets Pets

    I 'Hands up children, who has a pet? '
    The teacher said to the Year 6 set.
    'I have a mouse called 'Pickles' says Sam
    'Miss! I'm on a farm with sheep and lambs'... more »

  • The Stud (Bull)

    When you're a bull and top notch stud
    You don't sit around chewing the cud
    A career as a stud is like ‘The Sun', Page 3
    Paraded and used for all you can be.... more »