• Argument

    Forsaken Nancy in this Canto,
    Brings 'gainst her John a Quo Warranto,
    'Cause he had left her in the Lurch,
    To rear a Pulpit in the Church :
    And under colour of Religion... more »

  • Canto I Argument

    The Argument ? what needs a Proëme
    To vamp a Three-half-penny Poëme ?
    No, Reader, No ; ‘twas never writt
    For thy sake, but for little Chitt.... more »

  • Canto Iv The Argument

    Alas ! The Poëms curious Model
    Is Alter'd quite i'th' Poets Noddle !
    So Nature oft, for want of Tools,
    Decrees Wise men, produces Fools :
    To tell you True, my Muse and I
    Design'd at first, the Victory... more »

  • Il Est Certains Esprits...

    ... more »

  • The Argument

    An Owl instructed by the Night,
    Cunningly counterfeits A Sprite :
    In Pulpit close she lies Perdue,
    And terrifies the Prelates Crew!... more »

  • The Art of Poetry [excerpt]

    Gently make haste, of Labour not afraid;
    A hundred times consider what you've said:
    Polish, repolish, every Colour lay,
    And sometimes add; but oft'ner take away.... more »