• All For You

    Everything I do, I do for you
    Whether or not you know it to be true
    This secret is safe with me
    My heat is a vault and I have lost its key... more »

  • Darkness

    I lay awake and still in bed
    Endless thoughts racing through my head
    All that can be heard
    Is the calling of a stray bird... more »

  • Forgotten

    Who am I, you ask?
    Let me tell you
    I am an illusion
    A daydream... more »

  • Here's To Us

    Here’s to us
    Here’s to what could have been
    All those missed opportunities... more »

  • Inside-Out

    My life is in shambles
    For I know not what I do or why
    This feeling is a disease
    Morphing me into some entity I do not recognize... more »