• As long as the wind blows
    and the current flows
    the memories of you continue to grow
    Wishing you were here with me.... more »

  • 9/11

    Meany years has past from 9/11.
    The worst lost ever were 1000's went to heaven.
    Tears run down peoples faces.
    For some of there loved ones have bean in one of thows places.... more »

  • A Love Poem For Him

    I have wished upon a star
    to take me away some where far.
    Far away where dreams come true,
    To a place where it's just me and you.... more »

  • Alone

    I will not sleep,
    I will rest.
    Not until I know your home,
    Because you are my everything... more »

  • Baby Boy

    Be strong little man,
    You'll be fine,
    Hold your head up,
    and I will hold up mine.... more »

  • Black Heart

    My heart is black, black as night
    It's really hard to try and fight.
    The sadness and sorrows in my lungs
    Will never catch in the wind and burn in the sun.... more »

  • Brave Little Solidier

    I remember the day my daddy said to me.
    That he always had faith in me.
    That I was his brave little soldier.
    And that he had to leave.... more »

  • Broken

    The negativity
    has kept me in captivity
    The anger is painful
    but I try to be great full... more »

  • Can You Hear Me?

    Can you hear me?
    Can you hear it whisper in the wind?
    I know I can.
    I know you can't see me.... more »

  • Catch My Self Falling

    Standing up you tore me down
    Kicked me when I was on the ground
    I should have listen to my friends advice
    I never listened once and you fooled me twice... more »

  • Connection

    millions of Miles away
    Far from you
    You stopped my tears
    got rid of all my fears... more »

  • Couldent Be Love Finshed (Song)

    When you and I were together we were cute as can be we were ment to stay like Jack and Sally. Until the day you said it didn’t feel right, and then you gave my heart back and walked out of my life. Was I too clingy or was it not right when I kissed you lips when you held me tight. Did I not stay long enough when those times got really tough?

    Was it love? Wasn’t I good enough to stay at your side? And look at the stars night,
    Was I too blind to see that we weren’t meant to be, and I should have known?... more »

  • Darkness

    I was left in the dark
    Far from the start.
    Hold me,
    Love me,... more »

  • Dedicated To My Broken Heart

    I just want to fall on the floor
    You left me in tears, and walked out the door
    My heart Is broken once again
    When love has tricked me around every bend... more »

  • Drink The Pain Away

    Sorrow, pain, love, and lust
    Eyes burdened from tears,
    and a heart ready to bust.
    My heart filled with pain,... more »

  • Emotionless

    No Love,
    No Life,
    No Pain,
    No Peace,... more »

  • Endless Nights

    I Reached into the sky and hoped you would take my hand again
    Some times we would fall apart and I will wish for you to come back again.
    I’m alone and wanting you to be by my side
    So long I have been waiting.... more »

  • Every Day

    Every day I see you walking down my way
    I will smile,
    but you turn away.
    Every day I hope when you walk down my way,... more »

  • Falling Down

    We all Fall down,
    Like a burning building crashing to the ground.
    The world has become the darkest place
    the most fatal thing to the human race.... more »

  • Falling In Love

    Yes, I remember The first time we met, Sunday Afternoon swimming at the pool.
    I can remember how you made me feel, It was something magical.
    You walked up to me smile oh so friendly
    Thinking back it still gives me butterflies... more »

  • Faster

    My heart beats faster
    when you come near.
    You seam to master
    what I want to hear.... more »

  • Final Thoughts

    I can't go no where,
    Theres no where to run,
    From all the pain you have caused.
    I'm trying to fight it,... more »

  • For You

    I write for you
    I live for you
    I love you
    you take me... more »

  • Forever I Will Love You.

    Why must you cause me pain?
    Leaving me standing in sobs and sorrows
    I watch you toss your life away
    Nothing changes... more »

  • From The Heart

    Hold my breath
    close my eyes
    take a pill
    and hope to die... more »