• Timing

    Timing is everything in my mind,
    Playing back and forth repeating a rhyme.
    I wait wait patients to make my wish,
    Wishing for one more kiss... more »

  • To My Sister On Her Wedding Day

    To my sister on her wedding day
    I am happy to say,
    You're love is peur for this man hear,
    And he wont throe her love away.... more »

  • To The Stars

    Take my hand,
    Take me far,
    Bring me to see the wishing stars.
    Hold me close,... more »

  • Tomorrow

    What will happen tomorrow?
    Will it be the same as
    tonight,... more »

  • Two By The River

    Two by the river
    Old man and little girl
    looking out as the sun goes down
    all smiles and never frowns... more »

  • We All

    We die and we live,
    we take what we give.
    We lose what we love,
    and look at the stars above.... more »

  • What Happened?

    What happened?
    we use to be great friends
    Three of us together
    until the vary end.... more »

  • What It's Become

    You look at me all you do is lie
    You become what I hate,
    what I despise.
    Empty promises you made... more »

  • Whats The Point?

    Whats the point on living life,
    When theres no life to live?
    Why do we open our hearts,
    When theres no love to give?... more »

  • Who Knew?

    Who knew that every smile
    was hiding her sorrows for awhile.
    Who knew that her morning sickness
    was what she said is her only weakness,... more »

  • Wish

    I looked at the sky last night,
    saw a shooting star shinning bright.
    I closed my eyes,
    and wished for love.... more »

  • Wolf Fight

    Starting up a midnight fight,
    The pack of wolves they begin to bite.
    The moon is shinning with hate and love,
    The hard cold ground is now covered in blood.... more »

  • You'Re The One

    You’re the one who makes me can’t say the words to say
    You’re the one I think about everyday
    You’re the one who brought me to tears
    And now they won’t go away... more »