• Angel Tears

    ... more »

  • Fading Out

    I try to understand but fail miserably
    is it a game to you, that you can hurt me?

    I've given up on trust because it's never there... more »

  • Missing You

    Missing you now more then ever before
    as time goes by we separate even more
    remember the day we said nothing would change
    we promised we would always stay the same... more »

  • Perfect On The Outside

    Smiling constantly
    then walking away
    hiding her feelings
    so that no one can see... more »

  • Rose

    Wilting like a rose
    that you left alone to die
    you forgot all about me
    pushed me to the side... more »

  • Untitled

    I got to thinking the other day
    how much longer do I have to stay

    Time passes by as slow as can be... more »