• Days When I'M With You

    Days whe n I'm with you
    are the greatest in the world
    when I'm holding you in my arms
    I don't ever want to let you go.... more »

  • I Couldn'T Ever

    I couldn't ever, give up our friendship.
    I couldn't ever, stay mad at you.
    I couldn't ever, not trust you, even if you don't trust me.
    I couldn't ever, go behide your back.... more »

  • I Know.......

    I know you'll be there for me until the end.
    I know our friendship has grown.
    I know we trust each other with all of our heart.
    I know this one great friend and... more »

  • I Miss You

    I miss you so much
    I would do anything to see you.
    I miss the way you looked into my eyes when you talked to me.
    I miss you a lot.... more »

  • It Hurts Me

    It hurts me when we are fihgting (not talking to each other)
    It hurts me when you don't show me you care about me.
    It hurts me when you lie to me.
    It hurts me when you say you are going to do something and you don't do it, like when you tell me that you are going to write me back and you don't.... more »

  • My Favorite Nighbor

    My favorite nighbor is you and
    You know that's true.
    You were there for me, as I for you,
    you treated me like your own daughter,... more »

  • My Love

    my love is you and
    I know that's true.
    There are so many things
    That I love about you.... more »

  • Would You Ever

    Would you ever, let a guy break up our friendship?
    Would you ever, do anything to hurt me?
    Would you ever, go behide my back and talk (bad) about me?
    Would you ever, give you on our friendship?... more »

  • You Are........

    You are the brightness of the sun.
    you are the one I want to hold.
    You are everything that I have been looking for in a person.
    You are the on e who puts a smile on my face when I'm feeling blue.... more »