• A Sunny Day

    What’s that noise?
    What’s happening?
    Where am I?... more »

  • A Wonderful Gift

    Where are you now?
    I miss you so much.
    I miss your humour, your kindness, your love.
    You left four years ago,... more »

  • Circus

    Welcome to the most wonderful amazing fantastic unbelievable circus in the world
    Let me introduce my enthralling chum to you... more »

  • Colours Of Life

    Black coffee, brown chocolate, dark tobacco
    Cerulean sky, azure sea, sapphire ocean
    Lavender clouds, amethyst mountains, lilac carnations
    Pastel walls, cobalt curtains, bottle green yucca... more »

  • Deep Musical Love

    I love you
    But you don’t know.
    Why tell you?
    It’s my secret.... more »

  • Full Moon

    The glittering moon looks cheery and playful tonight
    Her round face is smiling behind a tiny cloud.
    Look at her sparkling eyes and joyful mouth!
    Oh, she’s winking at us,... more »

  • Harmony

    She was lying on her bed,
    Listening to her favourite piece of music,
    “Summertime” by Jim Hall and Pat Metheny.
    Her cat was asleep beside her, purring like a little engine.... more »

  • Love And Art

    Living without you would be so dull
    Of course I would survive if you faded
    But I would miss your long and delicate limbs
    And your strong fawn trunk... more »

  • Love You Or Leave You?

    I think of you as soon as I wake up in the morning
    I love you after breakfast,
    After lunch,
    After dinner.... more »

  • New Generation

    I needed some aspirin the other day,
    So I went to the chemist’s round the corner.
    There were many customers in the shop,
    But I particularly noticed... more »

  • When I Die

    When I die…

    …I would like to give the organs of my body to save people’s lives.... more »