• A Starry World

    When the sun is set, the shadow shine dark
    Over the lake, where the stars glitter bright
    The Earth sings its lullaby of the lark
    In the black surroundings me there is light... more »

  • Consequences

    I wish
    I could change time
    To when I cared and
    You worried at night about me... more »

  • Family

    My family
    I love them dearly
    But they are:
    Loud... more »

  • My Dark Dreams

    I'm in the dark
    And I'm lost
    In my mind, screaming
    Through the empty... more »

  • So How Am I The Bad One?

    I am his wife, his love, his everything
    I am not the tramp that you think I am
    It ended before I arrived
    As you told me... more »

  • What Was There

    He said that love is unveiling of truth
    Like the bright full blue moon
    the sound of music to one who has never heard it
    the softness of rose peddles... more »