• How Could He?

    How could he go to that bar?
    How could he get into that truck?
    How could he drive drunk?
    How did he pin point one person?... more »

  • I Thought!

    I thought that you was my friend.
    I thought you was there by my side.
    I thought that we would be tight til the end.
    But I guess what I thought was a lie.... more »

  • My New Love

    You told me that you love me and I didn't believe you,
    I still don't but you told me that time would tell...
    I am getting over the lost love and I hope I can love you
    the same as you love me...... more »

  • Whatever Tabitha! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    I stood up to everyone, even some of my other friends when they was talking crap about you.
    I told them to leave you alone and that what they was saying and spreading around school was not true.
    You don't wanna be my friend after all that I did for you...
    FINE! ! !... more »