• Heroine

    As I walk down the dark unlit path
    I try not to think about what lurks,
    Lurks behind that shadowy veil.
    I try not think of the teeth and the claws.... more »

  • My Friend

    My friend...
    Where have you gone?
    You've left me in a world unknown,
    Standing all by myself.... more »

  • My Trust, My Love

    You were the one I loved
    The one I would die for
    I never thought it would be a lie
    Never thought that you could do that... more »

  • Prince

    I once knew a man,
    Who thrived in the dark.
    Who walked silently upon this earth
    He moved in the shadows,... more »

  • Why

    Why did it have to be you?
    Why did you have to be the one?
    The one I fell for, and then cried for,
    The one who loved me, and then left me.... more »