Nida Sofi Poems

A Bank

One day along with my grandfather i went into a big building
Had never been to a place where a man holding a toy gun welcomes you,
Though children are always welcomed with a candy
But I let it go wanting to explore more inside,... more »

Sounds Of Past

I remained silent every time now and then
but i am hearing them all still,
They scream every night to me silently
An epic film covers my eyes and i remain still,... more »

Love You Father

I am your flower i will give you shade
In your every low and high I will be there,
You are and will be hero dear father
Your girl is living to give you smile,... more »

Nida Sofi Quotes

'What would a saviour be When you are a writer'.
A verdict is always a verdict, No matter how far it is from truth.
Honesty and integrity are both hard to digest for others now. -Nida.

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