Nidhi Dev Poems

No Questions, No Answers! ! !

Does your heart dance, looking into my dancing eyes?
Do your lips tremble, listening to my tear-stained cries?
Does your being want to hold me close as I do?
Will you be eternally mine, as I have already sworn to?... more »

Aha! Rainbow! Mom!

Running wildly about in the house,
I happened to stop by the window,
My eyes filled with that enchanting show,
A multicoloured rainbow!... more »

The Survivor

I saw them running ahead of me,
But I could not overtake them,
they jeered at me from a distance,
But I could not ignore them...... more »

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Diwakar Bhatt 18 Jun 2011 08:43
good way of expression at such a young age...........keep it up......