• A Particular Afternoon In My Life

    A mundane afternoon, all asleep,
    though not my imagination, sure,
    the sun up, above all heads,
    the golden light, as bright, as pure...... more »

  • Aha! Rainbow! Mom!

    Running wildly about in the house,
    I happened to stop by the window,
    My eyes filled with that enchanting show,
    A multicoloured rainbow!... more »

  • Auction For My Heart...

    Our eyes met often, but our hearts never did,
    I have auctioned my heart and hope you'll buy it in this life's bid...
    You searched different paths, but knew not the one to mine,
    How could you imagine you would have to pay a late-buy fine?... more »

  • I Wonder...I Wonder...

    Whiskers small,
    as was his body,
    A cub, After all,
    Colour yellow, nothing too bright or too gaudy...... more »

  • Monsoons Are Yet To Come...

    O! Do you remember the starless night?
    When the moon was the only real, but strange thing,
    I used to lie awake even after the moon would set,
    and my sparkling eyes would capture a golden ring.... more »

  • My Beloved Seed

    I watched it grow in my garden,
    a tall plant from a minute seed,
    multi-coloured flowers t'has blossomed,
    unearthly, seated among overgrown weed.... more »

  • No Questions, No Answers! ! !

    Does your heart dance, looking into my dancing eyes?
    Do your lips tremble, listening to my tear-stained cries?
    Does your being want to hold me close as I do?
    Will you be eternally mine, as I have already sworn to?... more »

  • The Lonely Tree...

    I could not but observe them all
    in jocund or in pensive mood,
    The trees of today with stunted growth,
    Lack in 'bark' but have a lot of 'wood'...... more »

  • The Survivor

    I saw them running ahead of me,
    But I could not overtake them,
    they jeered at me from a distance,
    But I could not ignore them...... more »