• A Fear Of Mine

    I thought there would be more like us
    More like you and me
    I walked for miles to find them but
    None like could I see... more »

  • A Watched Kettle

    I watched the steam,
    as it rose.
    I watched the ice,
    as it defroze.... more »

  • Celestial Journey

    A night, his heart shining
    Armour covered the moon
    Rose one day, across the sun
    Fell in love with the moon.... more »

  • Clouds

    The nebulous grey-scaled
    Curtains are drawn
    Intricate brushstrokes
    Tickling the blue... more »

  • Crescent

    The crescent from
    Which I hang my
    Fears shines light
    Purity white as... more »

  • Desert

    Inspiration dried with the river
    Grounded in a conch shell
    Spiralling ever inwards... more »

  • Ecstacy

    The eyes of eros glittering
    Crystalline chemicals calling
    Into her rhythm, dancing
    With the faeries, laughing aside... more »

  • Electron

    Stood on an electron looking
    Through telescopes trying to
    Observe whats out there,
    That which is already seen... more »

  • Gem (A Haiku)

    Shining fragment of
    light reflecting higher planes.... more »

  • Papyrus

    Papyrus on my palms
    Beside the nile
    Three giant vessels
    Paraded.... more »

  • Science

    Science, can you explain to me,
    Why the things you say are so.
    Why the universe does cluster,
    And why the green things grow.... more »

  • The Container

    There's no-one there
    As I cannot let it so
    The black gas is contained within
    My lungs & heartfelt melancholy.... more »

  • The Walrus.

    The time has come, the walrus said;
    The time has come, indeed.
    Of action, change and promises,
    The planting of new seeds.... more »

  • The Way Of 2006

    I used to write
    now I just try
    as i try to find a meaning in all this
    and try to understand... more »

  • Time

    Counting with the clock
    Ticking, seconds slipping... more »

  • Travel

    Jouney the deserts,
    their secrets untold.
    New 'scapes of your mind,
    Will mystries unfold.... more »

  • Vision

    Curled on my bed
    Hard, cold, damp
    Concrete floor beneith
    My aching slumped limps.... more »