• A Slice Of Bread? Me?

    The violent sea draws them.

    Seagulls.... more »

  • Babbling Idiot

    Pouring water
    Into a broken kettle.

    Go back to the sea,... more »

  • Betrail Of Arms

    Motionless you stand before me
    Hand outstreched in challenge
    You proclaim all who love you fools
    Those who once knew you continue to advance... more »

  • Bird Watching

    Taunting me now i see,
    The birds on the wire.

    As I move,... more »

  • Blue Eyes

    A thrashing child
    never calmed
    casting shadows over its enemies
    suffocating the light... more »

  • Bone?

    Wild dogs,
    They've found a bone.

    A graveyard of amusement.... more »

  • Castaway's Shore

    The calming ocean waves?
    The vibrant rainforest?

    Has ever a castaway had a more wonderful choice?... more »

  • Crocodile's Symphony

    Night in the rain forest,
    The howler monkey must be silenced.

    Swimming closer,... more »

  • Deadly Love

    Searching for your love,
    Batteling my past demons.
    Blood splashes in dark.... more »

  • Elk's Lament

    ... more »

  • Elusive Is The Night

    Elusive is this night,
    when i lie awake
    knowing that each minute passed
    does sleeping not easier make... more »

  • Flying Nuisance

    Out of the misty blue,
    They swarm with their squacking.
    They fly fo their lives,
    To my displeasure.... more »

  • Foreboding Flame

    The blood red moon,
    Is coming soon.
    Her mind is empty,
    As the snow melts so does she.... more »

  • Glowing

    You’re the shining star in this endless night.
    You’re the flotation when I’m drowning in the ocean of loss
    You make me feel like the only one in the room, in a crowded space.
    You helped me see the sun turn a shade darker when you’re sad... more »

  • Gotta Watch Your Greenbacks

    The jungle,

    All leafy glory in one deadly place.
    A boastful frog, his monotone drowning out all around him.... more »

  • Heartattack

    Your the only one i freak out over,
    A scratch is like a gunshot when it's you...

    I run faster to catch up to you,... more »

  • Heroine

    I want you gone,
    Out of my life forever,
    Just one more hit of you...
    Then you hit the road.... more »

  • Icy Storm

    Shards of glass cutting,
    slicing knives of the finest steal.
    The wolves cloaked in silver
    biting their master's ankle.... more »

  • Maiden In A Bottle

    Trapped in this bottle,
    What am I to do?

    Searching always,... more »

  • Night Moves

    The dusk rolls in
    The evening birds low coo echoes throughout my mind.

    Crickets,... more »

  • Peace

    Peace is a virtue you have to earn with me,
    It's not given as a passing glance,

    With me friendship is something you have to try and break,... more »

  • Phantom..


    Never seen always heard,
    Always the outward rebel,... more »

  • Plenty Of Fish In The Sea, And Which One Do I Chose?

    I've reached the marsh,
    The seeming end of my journey.

    To be flushed in a reservoir?... more »

  • Priest From The East

    There once was a priest from the east
    Who ate like a ravenous beast
    When it came time to dine
    His friends would all whine... more »

  • Shadow Of A Killer

    I dwell among the silence,
    I stand amidst defiance.
    You cannot see me yet you speak of me,
    I turn thought to deed.... more »