• Siren

    A siren on land from the sea
    who's mission seamed quite easy,

    She led men astray... more »

  • Tanking

    Free at last,
    This tank was full,
    Now it's emptying.... more »

  • Tears Of Rain

    Does the rain feel my pain?
    Is that why it rains again?
    Does the time wasted here,
    Stay locked inside yet another year?... more »

  • The Color Blue....

    That blue eyed siren's
    Done it again.Luring me
    To my happy death..... more »

  • The Cruel Twisted Fate

    What we give and take,
    We often forsake.
    When children cry and loved ones die,
    When rage seems to cover the eye.... more »

  • The Demon

    She paces from her ledge,
    A murderous cat on the prowl.
    The goddess's gaze, once human,
    A murderous slit of pupil.... more »

  • The Ghost

    Here I sit at end of day, the hapless prey.
    Cold, malicious eyes follow as i stray.

    The soulless beast whence evil from,... more »

  • The Turning

    My emerald eyes stare jealously at the now full moon,
    Knowing that my glimmering eyes will be it’s sliver soon.
    Slender fingers once my own,
    Are now replaced with paws of chrome.... more »

  • Toxic

    Slithering into my heart,
    All the venomous lies
    Forked tongue,
    Whispering in my ear... more »

  • Untitled


    Poison entwines your body
    Shielding you from the light... more »

  • Wicked Cheerfulness

    A new dawn approaches
    The birds a flight with the spring

    Their cheeriness is killing the longing in my soul.... more »

  • Wishing

    The loon cries to the moon,

    The medow lark's sad lament.... more »

  • Wolf's Parade

    The night owl's triumphant greeting,
    This sounds the party.

    The wild wolves call me to their gathering,... more »

  • Zebra Fear

    Slurp, Slurp, Slurp,

    Gotta go fast,
    Gotta get a drink... more »