Nika McGuin 12/01/89 - present

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I have learned that nothing in life is as hard as we think it will be; nor is it as easy as we wish it could be.
Words that go unspoken are like hot iron, they brand your soul. They can set you afire one day if you don't release them.
Nika McGuin
Paradise exists, but perfection never will.
Nika McGuin

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Congratulations poet for being awarded with something you deserved long ago. Your poem rejuvenates love for home and homely relations. Keep this spirit of inspiring us through your highly creative poems from time to time. Regards. Subhas
A Small Girl.. Excellent..
Nika's poems speak with such an abundance of humble self-confidence that they are absolutely overwhelming. When I read her poems I feel as if I am in the same room with some well-known noted authority on some important subject, except that it's at a casual cocktail party where everyone is on a first name basis, utterly at ease and without a thought of wanting to impress anyone. Her diction is perfectly conversational, without the least hint of self-consciousness. It flows off the page, it gathers your interest and attention without the last demand or coercion. No false manners. No guarded politics. These poems exude a rare sense of charisma, of being interested in you, drawing you in with guileless charm. A thoroughly enchanting voice.