Nikki Giovanni Comments (22)

she was veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy brave to be in that shooting
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hey ya'll do ya'll know what her style is and this is a hey from Thomasville Georgia
Does anyone know the very first time that Nikki Giovanni's poem Charles White appeared in print?
I am looking for a copy of the Eagles poem by Nikki Giovanni. Please email me at Thanks so much, Irene Speed
gay rights gay rights gay rights gay rights
I am Nikki for my school wax museum
In my wv history I have to research you along with some other people. One poem that makes me want to read more of them is A Summer Love Poem. it makes me wonder if what i do is right or wrong. if who i love is just a friendship that i know may know may not last but want it to. and if i should rethink what i have done before.
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