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Does anyone know the very first time that Nikki Giovanni's poem Charles White appeared in print?
I am looking for a copy of the Eagles poem by Nikki Giovanni. Please email me at Thanks so much, Irene Speed
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I am Nikki for my school wax museum
In my wv history I have to research you along with some other people. One poem that makes me want to read more of them is A Summer Love Poem. it makes me wonder if what i do is right or wrong. if who i love is just a friendship that i know may know may not last but want it to. and if i should rethink what i have done before.
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Nikki Giovanni is my favorite poet and my inspiration for writing poetry.
I like this poem because of it shows passion and future of love. You say that you love someone but then again you know for a fact that it's true for love of the peace and show respect.......or you not fortution.
Has anyone ever read Poetry by Nikki Giovanni? If not, here it is: Poetry is motion graceful as a fawn gentle as a teardrop strong like the eye finding peace in a crowded room we poets tend to think our words are golden though emotion speaks too loudly to be defined by silence sometimes after midnight or just before the dawn we sit typewriter in hand pulling loneliness around us forgetting our lovers or children who are sleeping ignoring the weary wariness of our own logic to compose a poem no one understands it it never says love me for poets are beyond love it never says accept me for poems seek not acceptance but controversy it only says i am and therefore i concede that you are too a poem is pure energy horizontally contained between the mind of the poet and the ear of the reader if it does not sing discard the ear for poetry is song if it does not delight discard the heart for poetry is joy if it does not inform then close off the brain for it is dead if it cannot heed the insistent message that life is precious which is all we poets wrapped in our loneliness are trying to say
What a wonderful, uplifting speech she gave at the convocation memorial service at Va Taech the day after the shootings there. She raised the spirits of both the students and the staff along with those of the world. She gave hope to the hopeless of the world and raised every single person involved with Va Tech to the highest of all highs. Va Tech is indeed lucky to have her as one of their professors. I hope and pray that they all recover from this horrible tragedy and with staff like her, the students will prevail! Go Hokies! Go Hokies!
Wow. Congratulations A. MacDonald you are now the poster boy/girl for the 'it is not my fault club'. He was 23, he had a brain, he was an adult. Everyone did what they could for him. Many people have horrendous childhoods, have many bad things that happen (and that they imagine happen) to them - some of them commit suicide - very few of them take people with them. How about we just balme it on him and quit dragging well meaning folks who did all they could through the mud?
As to the person who stated that all professionals had not helped this gentlemen. It is now the job of teachers to also stop the hate in people? It is he, himself, who failed the world. He is responsible for decisions and in the eyes of most of us, is a coward.
are you joking? youre ridiculous. did you miss the part where people tried to talk to him and tried to help him, but he barely even spoke a word to them, even when he was spoken to? did you miss the part where he was referred to counseling, to police, to administration? giovanni is an intelligent, caring, warm hearted individual. what would you have liked her to say? ''i ache for this this poor, poor child...'' this child failed HIMSELF and while he was at it, he took 32 innocent people with him. 'boys reaching out for help' dont laugh maniacally while they shoot fellow college students execution style with automatic weapons. they do not send numerous disturbing photos and videos of themselves with weapons and angry faces, discussing how their proceeding act of murder is 'not their fault at all' but the fault of everyone else, 'they chose it, they deserve it. theyll get whats coming to them.' this wasnt a young man reaching out for help, this was a very disturbed, vicious, and immature little boy who wanted to 'get even' with 'rich kids' that he hated for no reason. was he troubled? obviously, YES! this is not an excuse for his horrifying actions and it is NO reason for professors and faculty members to feel sorry for him or feel guilty. he ripped apart a university family. he ruined lives, families, relationships... i have NO pity for this cold blooded murderer. i feel a very deep sorrow for the innocent people that he took with him in his suicide mission and i feel sorry for the family that he embarrassed.