• A Black Frost Gathers

    A black frost gathers
    On the thin glass
    An invisible sun's light
    Pierces the window... more »

  • A Circus Show

    We've gathered to stare and gawk
    At your balancing act... more »

  • A Gate

    Once a softness
    Warm darkness
    In this place... more »

  • A Taste Of Her

    She is afraid, so afraid
    The sun spreads her open when it rises
    And her innards are exposed to the wolves
    The sun runs his fingers through her hair... more »

  • But For Once

    As a way to find myself alive,
    I wandered into the black woods,
    Into a thickening darkness.... more »

  • Crystal Mountains

    I wish the moonlight would come hold my hand
    And we'd walk away into the purple desert land
    It just so happened those feelings didn't stay
    Cause the bitter wind came and took them away... more »

  • Earth's Children

    Too bad life itself
    has turned upon you
    Turned its grating razor head
    And tore you to shreds before you could run... more »

  • Home

    Coming home again
    After all this time
    Open up the door
    Another place to hide... more »

  • I Love

    There is nothing so cruel as the distance between us,
    When Happiness (a more deceptive companion I've never known)
    Does its best to chase you away from my side,
    But, selfish and deceitful, exhausts itself and quickly dies.... more »

  • Please

    End the Pain

    Everything... more »

  • The Cruel Skies

    The skies are so cruel
    They mock me, my tears,
    With their unending and frozen rains
    That fall in many more places... more »

  • The Long Hours

    I've sat here for long hours
    Watching the sunlight die,
    Stretching the formless shadows
    Across the pale walls.... more »

  • The Realistic Worm

    Once, on a mountain top, I looked over the earth
    And the scene was so grand, that I was lead to believe
    That all I saw below my vantage point was everything.... more »

  • The Sword

    Have we made this our last stand?
    Is this the ending
    The beginning
    Or the climax?... more »

  • Tired

    I'm all run down
    Some type of burden
    Is killing me... more »

  • With Hope

    I can't see through the thick clouds
    But I know that far above me are stars
    And the stars, sitting so far away,
    Far from the woes of the world,... more »

  • You And Incompetence

    Let the constant passage of time
    Slip through your filthy hands
    And let the stars bleed without obstruction... more »