I'm Nikohl. I'm 16 and I mostly dance, but in my spare time I like to write. Ive writen alot of peoms, a few short stories, and im starting on a book! Pretty much everything Ive writen is based on an expierence in my life or in the lives of my close friends. So ya, thats about it. I hope you enjoy! if you wanna know more about me, checkout my myspace: myspace.com/sugar_ballerina


Nikohl Egan Poems

Mr. Right

i go through guys like a car goes a mile
but all i want is for one to stay a while
id love you and treat you right
and hold you close all through the night... more »


i gave you everything
i gave you my all
and all you ever wanted to do
was watch me fall... more »

My Savior

youve saved my life everyday
never a problem do you turn away
and still i wonder why you do it
am i that special to you? im not sure... more »

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